educational products: Getting to Know the Whales

This book was written one hour at a time for 5 years. It is a book that had to be written because of the author and illustrator’s passion for whales. Whale biologists have readily contributed data to make this book come to life for children. Hundreds of students and teachers have used this book and have added valuable editing comments. The book is broken into three parts: Whale Biology, Whale Research, Whaling and Conservation.

Whale Biology
Draw a whale
Prehistoric Whales
Whale and dolphin Key
Whale Dissection
How Whales Feed
Lunge-feeding flip-book
How Whales Breathe
How Long does a Whale Dive?

Whale Research
A Day with a Blue Whale
How Fast Does a Whale Travel?
Whale Migration
Fluke Identification of Humpbacks
Year in the life of a Humpback

Whaling and Conservation

Estimates of Whale Populations
History of Whaling
Why were Whales Hunted? (Exploring old whaling logs)
Bowhead Whaling and Women’s Corsets
Can the Right Whale Survive the Next 50 Years?
Conservation Topics: The Economics of Whaling and Whale Watching; St Lawrence Beluga Whales; Will the Blue Whale Survive?; Greenpeace and the Whale War and more.

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