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Singing Rock Press is a small company dedicated to presenting quality educational products. A special focus is on the marine sciences, with a particular emphasis on marine ecology. Our mission statement:

Singing Rock Press is dedicated to improving the quality of all life on Earth by creating the highest quality educational products for teachers and students.

We believe that you will find our materials helpful in virtually any school-based or home-based learning experience that seeks to provide multidisciplinary learning experiences. We have sought to make our texts as self-explanatory as possible.

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Lawrence Wade is the author of both Whales in the Classroom books.  For seven years he was a whale biologist, and worked off Monterey, California, Costa Rica, Gulf of St Lawrence, Quebec Canada and Baja California. In addition, Mr. Wade has taught elementary school for 20 years in Minnesota.  His life-long passion for whales led him to work on these books over several years, one hour at a time at the end of a school day. The Whales in the Classroom books are the synthesis of his life as a whale biologist and a teacher.

Stephen Bolles is the illustrator of both Whales in the Classroom books

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